Wednesday, February 2, 2022

Crossover Symmetry

I have been using this system daily at Crossfit Golden and really enjoy it.  I have been hesitant to buy a package because of cost.  A basic system is $195 and a pro system is $295 and discounts of 25% are typical.

Today, I Crossover Symmetry offered a BOGO deal and it was too good for me to pass up.  Essentially, I purchase the 7# cords for $45 and get the 15# cords free.  I still pay shipping and tax.  What is missing from the bundle?  Training Guide, Exercise Chart, Drawstring Backpack, Attachments.  I will probably just use eye hooks and carabiners.  Install at eye level or higher (70") and lower anchors at (14").  Install 4 feet apart (3-5 feet based on studs).

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