Tuesday, February 1, 2022

Thompson Fat Bells

For sale from Scott Farr on Facebook Marketplace.

13 - $40 each
18 - $50 each
26 - $65 each
35 - $85 each
44 - $100 each
53 - $115 each

Retail is $910 plus tax and shipping which could push the cost another $340 to $1250.

Original post was for $1400, dropped to $1100 and now to $1000.

I inquired at the $1100 price point requesting the 44 lb pair at $200.  That essentially saves me taxes and shipping.  I still think that is a very fair price, but I am curious to see how this plays out.

UPDATE 2/5/2022 - He was willing to split up and take $200 for the pair of 44s, but ended up selling the whole set for $900.

UPDATE 5/11/2023 - I am still interested in fatbells primarily as a snapshot of physical culture.  Instead of the 44's, I would like to go lighter and am eyeballing the 26's which currently retail for $70 each (plus another $70 shipping from Rogue).  I would be using them strictly for bodybuilding movements and this lighter weight fits the bill well.

UPDATE 9/18/2023 - Rogue seems to have dropped their prices.  18# fatbell is $45 and 26# is $60. With shipping and taxes, 18# pair is $144.53 ($4/lb) and 26# pair is $185.89 ($3.50/lb).  Not bad for a fairly unique item.  

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