Thursday, February 10, 2022

Dumbbell Rack

Jordan Quill (Facebook Marketplace 2/9/2022) was offering the dumbbell rack from Denver Christian School and I decided to go and take a look.  Asking price was $50.  It was old, unbranded, but absolutely functional.  I would prefer shelves to split rails, but was willing to take it home after he agreed to $40.  It fits most of my dumbbells

Bottom Row - 50-45-45-40-40-35-35 (and room for another 50)
Top Row - 30-30-27.5-27.5-25-20-20 (and room for another 25)

Ratna's smaller dumbbells and my 15# Sports Authority pair cannot be accommodated with the split rail system.  I do like the footprint and the height.

Home Gym Equipment Summary - Similar to the number of days without an accident that is posted at a job site, I need to start tracking number of days without an equipment purchase.  Looking back over the last 6 months, it seems like I have purchased something every week or at most every other week.  With the hunt for vintage plates and dumbbells, that rate has been a couple of times per week with no signs of slowing down.

As I only have a one car garage space, equipment has been migrating to the basement (finished and unfinished storage).  I usually only train at home on the weekends, but it feels like a rearranging game to have room to workout, despite a wealth of storage options.

I enjoy functional fitness which means that I would prefer an undisturbed 100 square feet to do burpees, Olympic lifts and some gymnastics.  I also enjoy powerlifting, which means I need a dedicated location to safely squat and bench.

My biggest challenge right now is with accessory benches.  I have a hip extension and ab bench that I love, but which take up a generous foot print.

Also the plyo box set I got takes up a much bigger footprint than the j boxes did.

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