Friday, July 17, 2015

CrossFit Signe

Friday, July 17, 2015

Coach Jeremy

(11AM) Clelyn, Ashley, 3rd girl, Cameron, Doug, Steve and me

Warm Up

500m Row (no straps) then 3 rounds or 10 minutes of 10 RKBS (35#), 10 single Leg KB Deadlifts (5&5), 10 second Handstand Hold.  For the Handstand Holds, I just did wall walk ups for 10 seconds.  Even these were a little unnerving.

Then 60 foot Bear Crawl Forward and 60 foot Bear Crawl Backwards, 30 foot Crab Walk Forward, 30 foot Crab Walk Backwards, 30 foot Crab Walk Sideways, 30 foot Crab Walk other Sideways.  For the crab walks it was important to keep the hips high, but I failed miserably on that account.


Signe” 7 Rounds:  In 2 minutes complete 200m Run, Max Rep Burpees in remaining time.  1 Minute rest in between rounds.  Score is total reps of burpees.

This was brutal.  The only thing that got me past the 3rd round was the camaraderie of my fellow athletes and the thought of that poor girl with brain cancer.  I managed 14+11+10+9+10+9+10 = 73 burpees.  Cameron got 135!

I finished with chest stretches and foam rolling on my quads.

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