Wednesday, April 27, 2022

Bumper Plates on Facebook

I often see bumper plates on Facebook Marketplace, but they are usually $1.50  to $2.00 per pound.  This is a nice assortment being offered by Arnie Shunneson who seems like a lifter and in the background one can spot a 24 inch jump box and some Everyday Essentials plates.

Olympia by Ader 25s retail for $189 (offered for $50) - Sold in a day
VTX 35s retail for $310 (offered for $70) - Sold in a day
X Training 35s retail for $170 (offered for $80) - Still available - Pink!

Total asking is $200.  I really have no need for any more bumper plates and do not even know where I would store them.  I am not particularly in the mood to replace any of the plates I have for non premium bumpers.  This guy might even take $150 for all of them.  Decisions.  Decisions.

He is about 20 minutes from the office and 25 minutes from home near the state capital.

XPRT Fitness - Sold by Amazon - $95 for 15# pair
Everyday Essentials - Sold by Amazon - $60 for 10# pair

The seller is asking $75 or $1.50/pound.  I would be interested at $1 to $1.20/lb $50-$60, but may pay full price.  These do not match my other sets, but I would like some lighter bumper plates for Ratna or the girls.

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