Thursday, April 14, 2022

Pull-ups L-Sit Metcon

Thursday, April 14, 2022

CFG - Lacey

1200 - 3 of us

Warm Up

down facing scorpion
banded pass throughs
band pull aparts
banded Cuban press
slow scap pull-up


Four sets of:
Supinated-Grip Pull-Ups (4 reps @ 21X0)
(weight them if possible)
Rest 60 seconds
L-Sit ( 30-60 second hold)
(if you cannot do this consecutively, accumulate the time)
Rest 60 seconds

The pull-ups went really well.  I did the first set unweighted and then added 5# for the next 3 sets and maintained good tempo.

The L-sit sucked.  I accumulated 30 seconds each round in 3-4 efforts of around 10 seconds each time.  Round 3, I did toes touching the whole time for 30 seconds.  This was actually a really good stimulus that I will incorporate more often.


Five rounds for time of:
5 Muscle-Ups or 10 Strict Ring Dips
20 Wall Ball Shots (20/14 lbs)

I scaled to 10 matador dips and a 14# wall ball.  I tried to pace, but came out of the gate hot at 1:18.  I slowed down, but not horribly finishing in 9:09 (well under the 12 minute cap)


With 15 minutes left in the hour, I played around with some skills:
Glute Ham Raises four sets of 5 reps with minimal range of motion and including a band
False Grip ring rows four sets of 5 reps

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