Thursday, April 14, 2022

Gear Shopping

Aside from equipment, I am finally starting to wear through personal gear and wanting to have back up gear in some cases.

First Tier Equipment
  • Shoes ($60-$130)
  • Weight Belt ($20-$65)
  • Knee Sleeves ($25-$80)
  • Wrist Wraps ($15-$30)
  • Thumb Tape ($1-$5)
  • Jump Rope ($15-$30)
Second Tier Equipment
  • Calf Sleeves
  • Elbow Sleeves
  • Gymnastics Grips
Misc Equipment
  • Mouth Guard
  • Deadlift Straps
  • Sunglasses
  • Wrist Bands
Recently I was perusing the internet and am considering buying a pair of No Bull trainers ($129).  I like the aesthetic and think they will be more comfortable for rope climbs.  The Nano X1 suck for rope climbs.

I have been wanting a 2Pood weight belt for a while, but am not sure when I will get one.  They are only $65.  They are currently 15% off for most styles (I like the Operator, would be $55) and 40% off for clearance style (I like the Citrus, $39).

I like my 5mm Rock Tape Knee Sleeves and ordered a second pair for $23 from Amazon.

I like my 14" Nordic Lifting Wrist 14" wrist wraps, but my get a branded pair.  I originally bought a 2 pack and my primary is noticeably less elastic than the other.  I could get these anywhere.  Rogue has them for $14 and 3 ships free.

I have used generic elastic adhesive tape and the stickier thumb tape.  I go through a 15 foot roll about once/month.  The 30 pack of elastic adhesive tape is less than $1/roll and the nicer stuff is around $5/roll.  I am probably going to transition to using the nicer stuff.  I bought a 3 pack of 2Pood tape for $15 from Amazon.  I still have Jerk Fit Nubz that I use sometimes as well.

Jump Rope - I love my Jump-N-Rope (106") and will probably get a back up if I am ever in Lafayette.  I keep one in my gym bag, but would like one for home.

I have a few pairs of calf sleeves and I throw them on for longer runs and jump roping.  I have a single pair of elbow sleeves, but only use them when I am doing overhead dumbbell movements.  I have tried a few grips, but do not have a favorite.  The Wodfitters are nice for pull-ups and kipping (which I rarely do).  The JAW grips are nice for barbell movements when I am really sweaty from running, burpees, etc.  I am interested in the Victory Grips.  If I get a pair, it will be the Men's X2 3-Finger in size Large (my palm measures 7.5 inches (19 cm).  They are $48 from Victory Grips plus $4 for shipping.

For folks new to Crossfit, I would recommend the first tier items which can be had for between $136 and $335.  The low end is generic stuff until you find what you like.  The higher end is premium branded gear.

I would not recommend second tier or misc equipment unless you have specific issues you are trying to alleviate.  I use an Airwaav mouthguard, have a couple pairs of cloth deadlift straps, keep a pair of Oakley's in my gym bag, and have a pair of Under Armour wrist bands.  I would like to get a long pair from No Bull ($12) or Rogue Fitness ($12).

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