Sunday, April 3, 2022

Pat Sherwood - $500 Home Gym

Pat Sherwood made an interesting pitch on Crossfit Linchpin for the $500 home gym.  He used Rogue prices in December 2020 (without taxes or shipping).

35# DB Pair - $99 (or 50# pair for $142) - Now $125
P-4 Pull-up systems - $142 - Now $180
Jump Rope - $30 (still $30)
Wooden Rings - $70 (now $80)
Strongman Sandbag (100# or 150#) - $70 - Now $95

Part of his reasoning was buy nice or buy twice.  Yes, you could get a cheap barbell and bumpers, but you will be replacing them.  These are compatible with Crossfit Linchpin low equipment programming and could fit in the smallest of home gyms and travels well also.  He did not consider DIY or secondary markets.

I agree with the list.  Moving beyond body weight, I would start with a pull-up bar and jump rope.  I do not use my rings often.  Dumbbells are very versatile.  The strongman sandbag got me thinking a little bit.  I have atlas stones, but those can be tedious when one considers sandbag walks and sandbag over shoulder.  The last thing I want to do is crack my foundation.

100# bags
Rogue - $95 ($121 with tax and shipping)
Cerebrus - $90 ($103 with shipping)
Ludus Imperium - $69 (free shipping) - Ludus Imperium translates to "School of Power"
Greyfit - $85 ($94 with shipping)

The price difference is not a decision maker.  If ordering a full set of sandbags, then it certainly could be a difference maker.  Of course when you figure in shipping, the Ludus Imperium is nearly half the price of the Rogue bag.

I have no intention to purchase anytime soon, but has been added to my wish list.  I will start with a 100# bag and buy another as I get stronger.

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