Tuesday, April 26, 2022

Crossfit Level 1 - Training Guide

I have been toying with the idea of getting my Level 1 Crossfit Certification.  It is a weekend course and $1500.  That certification is good for 5 years at which time I could take the Level 1 or Level 2 for a similar cost to maintain my certification level.

I have mild aspirations of coaching in the future as a side hustle or primary source of income.  Granted this would be well below my current income but would be nice pocket money in semi-retirement.  Even if I ended up coaching youth sports on the side, I believe the knowledge is useful.

Instead of just throwing money at it, I instead opted to study the Crossfit Level 1 Training Guide.  This tome is 255 pages of training collected from Greg Glassman's talks structured to deliver the Crossfit methodology, movements, trainer guidance, and movement guide.

I am about 70 pages in and the guide has certainly jump started my interest in nutrition.  The past year, I have been eating like shit and not particularly alarmed by it.  What is more disconcerting is that I skipped my annual physical last year and have not scheduled one for this year.  I am afraid of my metabolic indicators.  I am afraid my cholesterol profile will be off, my blood pressure will be elevated and my A1C will be high.

The training guide has me thinking in terms of atomic habits and improving my diet incrementally.  Granted a 1200 calorie clean food diet that has been weighed and measured will bring faster success.  Maybe the answer is quitting cold turkey.  Grocery wise the house is pretty clean right now without the Costco Madeleines or Brownie Bites.  The amount of nuts in the house is appropriate. 

An interesting side effect of eating "cleaner" for a mere 24 hours is that I have less bloated and had a better bowel movement this morning.

My journey may be one day at a time or one hour at a time, but it is a journey worth taking if I want to continue to enjoy quality time with my family and make new friends.

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