Friday, August 14, 2015

CrossFit – Toes to Bar

Friday, August 14, 2015

Coach Jeremy

(11AM) Val, Ashley, Steve B, Mark, Tim, and me

Warm Up

3 Rounds or 10 minutes of 100m Run, 10 Controlled Kips, 10 Pistols (5 each side), 20 Side Planks (10 each side). 

I did the pistols supporting myself against the rack.  I got to the last round of pistols before time was called.


10x2 Tempo Pull ups – 3 count to top, hold for 2, lower in 1, 0 count at the bottom. 

I got through the first 4 rounds with strict pull ups.  Then I would do one strict and one jumping, doing a 3 count while lowering.  The last two rounds were both jumping up and lowering for a 3 count.  We had 10 minutes so I paced it as an EMOM.


For Time:  25 T2B, 40 RKBS, 800m Run, 50 RKBS, 25 T2B.  Rx was a 55# KB. 

I used a 35# KB and modified the T2B and did kipping leg raises.  I started bending my knees on a few to get higher, but quickly went back to leg raises.  I paced pretty well in the beginning taking a minute for the T2B and another 90 seconds for the RKBS.  I spent 5:00 on the 800m which was slow but sustainable.  The back half took me considerably longer.  I gutted through the RKBS, but broke the T2B into 5’s then 2’s.  I finished in 11:17.

We finished with a little different mobility going through arm stretches from a lunge position and then a prone position.  We also included some hip stretches with knees flayed pivoting butt back and forward and finally going into the yoga child’s pose.  I added some banded wrist mobility before calling it a day.

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