Thursday, August 6, 2015

CrossFit Deadlifts

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Coach Meriah

(11AM) Cameron, Todd, Dan and me

Warm Up

500m Run then tabata (20 on 10 off) or Plank to Pillar, Banded R/L Wrist Mobility, Plank to Pillar, Banded R/L Wrist Mobility, Dead Bug (DB) Home, DB R/L, DB Home, DB L/R, DB Home, DB Hollow, DB Home DB Hollow.

This was less confusing than it sounds.  For 20 seconds we would move from plank to pillar and then for 10 seconds stay in the end position, plank or pillar.  On the Wrist Mobility, it was 20 seconds on one wrist and then recovery.  The dead bugs sucked, 20 seconds in home, then lower right leg and left arm for 10 seconds, then home for 20 seconds, then lower left leg and right arm for 10 seconds, etc.  There was never a break.


Rope Pull ups 10x2.  I did these un-weighted.  These were kind of fun as we were given 15 minutes to do the 10 sets.  I was targeting an EMOM pace and tried to warm up for deadlifts at the same time.


7 Rounds for Time of 7 Deadlifts @ Bodyweight, 7 Push Ups, 200m Run.  L2:  ¾ BW, L1:  ½ BW or less. 

I used 135# which is coincidentally exactly 75% of my 181# body weight (take a pound).  The workout was supposed to be fast with quick deadlifts and explosive pushups with acceleration on the way up.  Most of the times today were under 10 minutes, but I came in at 12:15 which I felt pretty good about.  The first round took me 1:36 and I maintained a pretty steady pace.  I did need a form correction.  I should bend my knees more in order to maintain that healthy neutral back.  My butt should always be below my head with shoulders back.

We finished with mobility including something new.  We hooked are foot to a rack to provide some extension and rolled our calves which were “resting” on a barbell.  This was extremely painful and I found a few knots.  Then I did some couch stretch and opening up my shoulders. 

Since we finished early I played around with double unders and wall walk ups as Hand stand walks and double unders were predicted for tomorrow’s WOD. 

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