Friday, May 15, 2015

Crossfit Tire Flips

Friday, May 15, 2015

Coach Zack

(6AM) Ben, Nick, Laura, Liz, T$$$, and me

Deadlift Warm Up

500m row, 25 Bandy GM (step on blue band feet wider than shoulder width apart and perform good mornings with band resting on traps, not on neck), 20 Bandy Side Step (L & R, with same band step sideways, abduction 20 times and then go back the same way), 15 pass through, 10 kb swings (53#)

Hamstring floss:  With green band anchored to cage about waist high, loop around middle of hamstring and then perform 10 good mornings, repeat 10 times pivoting right and 10 times pivoting left on each leg

Metcon:  Tire Flip

16 minute partner AMRAP tire flip for reps + 5 burpees every 2 minutes

Technique is to keep arms inside your legs, get low and push forward with back straight, from here rest tire on leg with a flat foot and reset.  With arms still narrow and upper body engaging tire, push forward.  For speed you could also use momentum to reset and push tire forward.

Laura and I used an ~200# grader tire and managed 95 reps.  We started doing 3/3 and then switched to 4/2 and were able to keep a steady rhythm.  95 reps total.  The workout originally called for 20 minutes, but with form deteriorating, Coach Zack thoughtfully cut the workout short.

The last time we did tire flips, I managed 7 reps in two minutes with the crane tire ~400#.  I felt a lot more comfortable and confident developing technique with the lighter tire.  Knowing I would get dirty, I wore an old white t-shirt which will be my designated get dirty shirt.

We finished with 10 minutes of foam rolling and were shown a forearm technique.  From all fours bring opposite forearm under knee and bone saw back and forth as tolerated.

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