Sunday, November 29, 2015


Sunday, November 29, 2015

Coach Amy

(9AM) 10 of us including, Matt, Matt, Kat, Steve C, and me

Warm Up

4 Rounds of walk up massage room stairs, run normal stairs, and 10 reps of ATYT, rows, y's or rounds

Then leg swings in two planes, when rotating make sure to point toe up.  Then with lacrosse ball massage foot, top of quadriceps, and glute one minute each place, each side.  With band, flex glute, then quadriceps, then pull foot forward with band and pause before lowering


4 rounds with a partner do hamstring push-ups, pike sit-ups, bar ice cream makers and strict toes to bar.  I partnered with Steve C and instead of doing 5-10 of each motion, we did 3-5 of each.

Gymnastics Workout of the Day

12 Minute AMRAP:
10 Candlestick Handstand Push-up
10 Pike Heel (Hell) Taps
10 Candlestick Jumps
10 Jumping Lunges

I did Candlestick to Handstand attempt against wall or Headstand.  On the Pike Heel taps, my shoulders were pretty far back.  I did well on the Candlestick jumps but used a folded over mat.  I could do the jumping lunges properly.  I completed 2 + 1 rounds.

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