Monday, November 23, 2020

Home Gym

More and more equipment is showing up in the primary and secondary market.  My short wish list is whittled down to:

Rep Modular Storage System - $350; will wait for this to come in stock, not paying the $750 for the Rogue System

Change Plate Set - Rep Fitness - $150; will wait for this to come in stock, I would be willing to pay $190 for Rogue and would get the Rogue Fractional Plates for another $65.  Rep has rubber coated 2.5/5/10# plates in stock for $63 and fractional plates 0.25/0.50/0.75/1.0 for $19.  The fractional plates are the washer style ones and I realized that I am really not concerned about fractional weight, but more interested in some fancy Rogue stuff.

20 Kg Matt Chan Barbell - $395; I had a chance to buy this on Craigslist and direct from Rogue and opted against the purchase.  While I would still like to upgrade my barbell, I am really not in any rush.

15 Kg Bella Bar - $215; This has shown up on the Rogue Fitness website a couple of times and I will likely go ahead and pick this up.  I considered the Saber Barbell from Rep Fitness as well, but the specs are not as good and I would have better resale on the Rogue if I parted with it.

OSO Barbell Collars - $50; these have always been in stock and I might order when I get the Bella Bar

Assault Air Bike - $699; this has always been in stock and I originally held off as I do not have space.  Comptrain definitely programs a lot of bike erg and I think it is a great tool for warm up and cool down.  It will stay on the list as a low priority.  Maybe I will find one on the secondary market.  There is one in Eagle, CO for $600 on Craigslist.

20# Slam Ball - $24; this is back in stock at Rep Fitness and I should go ahead and grab it.  I have held off, because dead ball slams are just not programmed very often and I do not think it is that great a movement.

10" Wall Ball 6# - $66; this got put on the list for sit-ups and playing with the kids.  I have not ordered it for space considerations and because I would not use it for programmed workouts.

Wall Ball 20# - $125; I could get this from Amazon anytime with free shipping.  Again, I do not do wall ball shots often and the 14# wall ball I have is typically more than enough for me.

35# Dumbbell Pair - $83 from Rep Fitness; These have been out of stock at Rep Fitness for quite some time.  They do appear on the secondary market occasionally, but I would like to stick with a matched set.  The weight is good for me.

The nice part of the current state of my home gym, is that I do not want for anything.  I can peruse the secondary market offerings and pick up a Matador (Craigslist $165) or Reverse Hyper (Craigslist in Boulder for $675) or any number of toys.  I will get the Bella Bar from Rogue as it is in stock, but I will have to wait for the storage system and change plate set.  I could always get the Rep V2 Rubber Coated Olympic Plates - 10# pair for $35 and 5# pair for $18 and the 2.5# pair for $9.

Almost forgot decorations.  I will get the NeverSate Athletics Start Somewhere 3x3 banner for $40.

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