Saturday, November 7, 2020

Rogue Fitness

I made the mistake of checking my wish list against Rogue Fitness to see what they have in stock.  As it turned out, it seems like I could pick off most of my list if I were so inclined.

3 Tier Storage System - $545
Bella Bar - $215
30# Echo Slam Ball - $80
6# Hoover Ball - $66
OSO Collars - $50
Shipping - $200
Tax - $52
Total $1,208

They do not have the Matt Chan Barbell, Change Plates or 35# Dumbbells.  Also I would get the Assault Air Bike from Assault Fitness.

My hesitation is that I really don't need the above items.  The most pressing item, might be the Bella Bar.  The storage system and slam ball, I can buy cheaper from Rep Fitness once they have it in stock.

Out of curiosity, I looked for a set of Rogue Change Plates on Ebay and they are going for $400-$500.  Direct from Rogue they would be $190 shipping included.  From Rep Fitness they would be $150.

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