Monday, November 9, 2020


My interest is constantly being piqued by Craigslist.

Today, I came across a Matt Chan Barbell listed in Boulder.  Black/Black never been used barbell for $400.  They are currently out of stock, but cost $395 new and with shipping and tax, I would agree with the lister's price of $430.46.  While I would prefer the Black/Chrome, this little beauty may end up in my house.  As of 11/9/2020 it was posted 9 hours ago.

I also spotted a 15 kg Bella Bar for $180.  This one claims to be used about 5 times in a normal workout.  $180 is 84% of retail ($215).  If you include shipping and tax you are talking 72% of retail ($250).  I may have to take a look at this.  As of 11/9/2020 it was posted 25 days ago.

The other oddball item was front loading plate storage.  I had never considered this, but it would certainly work for me and the price of $120 in Arvada is perfect.  It is 38" wide, 24.5 inches deep and 54" high.  As of 11/9/2020 it was posted 12 hours ago.  Kind of a weird title "GYM - CROSSFIT RACK FOR PLATES & BARS"  The only reason it showed up for me is because I search for crossfit.

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