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Thursday, November 5, 2020

SLIPS - Metcon

Wednesday, November 4, 2020

Home Gym



Scales - 2 times through (right front 20 sec, right back 20 sec, left front 20 sec, left back 20 sec)

L-sit - EMOM 4 max effort (5-7 seconds)

Inversions - 

2 hspu to 2 abmat
1 hspu to 1 abmat
3 negatives

Plank - hold 2:00 on elbows


10-20-30 KBS (20 kg)
Row for Calories

I finally busted out the 20 kg KB for a WOD and it worked out perfectly.  I did the swings in the garage and the rower is in the basement, so it made for long transitions, but I still finished in 10:07.

Programming was the second half of "Jump Suit" from Comptrain on 11.3.2020.

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