Friday, November 20, 2020

Rogue Monster Lite Matador

Craigslist  Shopping Curious Offer of the Day

The Monster Lite Matador and 3x3 strip 2.0 showed up today (11/20/2020) and is quite interesting to me.  I would typically do dips on rings, but this would be nice to have.  Seller is selling because it does not fit his gym configuration so I would need to double check where the studs are in my garage gym.

New from Rogue is $86.75 for the Matador and $55 for the 3x3 strip (subtotal $142).  Shipping and Handling of $48 and Tax of $9 brings the delivered cost to $199.  The offering price is $165.  For me it would be a no brainer purchase at $145 and a decision over the next $20.

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