Monday, August 7, 2023

Eleiko Hybrid Barbell Recall

I just found out that my wonderful Eleiko Hybrid barbell was being recalled out of an abundance of caution after 3 failures.  Per the disclaimer 1,151 barbells across 20kg and 15kg were delivered.  Eleiko is offering a replacement bar from the XF or Performance lines, none of which meet my needs.

I debated endlessly regarding this purchase and was torn between the Matt Chan barbell and the Eleiko.  I had eliminated the Fringe Sport despite the great specs as I wanted a stronger brand name.

The replacement XF bars do not do anything well and do not have a center knurl.  The Performance bars are either weightlifting or powerlifting bars and do not have dual knurl marks.  All of the bars have shiny chrome finishes which I do not care for.

I may reach out to customer service for a refund and then grab a Matt Chan barbell.  Decisions, Decisions.

UPDATE - 8/24/2023:  I reached out to customer service requesting a refund which they could not provide.  They could however provide an 20kg IWF Weightlifting Training bar which has 1.2 knurling on the outside knurl and passive center knurl.  The only changes will be having only weightlifting knurl marks and a chrome finish.  Considering that I now own a Texas Power Bar, it makes more sense to have a weightlifting bar rather than a hybrid bar that can do both.  Considering the weightlifting bar runs $1,024, I should not be complaining.  Part of the replacement was providing the serial number (210312 123561) which I found only after being told exactly where to look.  In two years of owning the bar, I never noticed a serial number.  I will miss my bar, but looking forward to testing the feel of a true Eleiko weightlifting bar.

UPDATE - 9/5/2023:  I received the Eleiko Weightlifting Barbell and it feels good in hand and I will get used to the aesthetic.  It is SN 230302 154327.

Eleiko SN = YYMMDD of manufacture followed by individual serial number

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