Sunday, August 20, 2023

USAWA Teeth Lifter (Leatherworking)

I made my way over to Tandy Leather to talk about a teeth lifter.  It turns out they have a workshop in the back that is available for use and classes as long as I bring my own materials.

Michael got me started with leather scraps ($4.99) and making a pattern.  I cut the pattern with a box knife.  Then I cleaned up the edges with the grinding wheel.  Next was closing the edges by moistening the leather edge and using the table or hand burnishing tool.  I then placed the D-ring ($4.99) Next step was gluing by applying across the entire piece, letting it dry to tacky and then sealing.  This initiated another round of cleaning up edges and closing the edges.  Finally for rivets, we punched 1/8" holes and fed rivets through and used the press rivet device rather than the hand rivet process.

I loved every minute of the 2 hour process.  Michael was working by himself and managing clients in addition to coaching me.  For $11 out the door, I am anxious to give my new device a try.  I am also interested in doing more leatherworking.  A guy there was working on a bike tool bag projects.  Personally, I would like to make a quiver for archery, a Scottish Sporran, travel knife roll and I will probably think of numerous other projects once I get going.  I will definitely pop in again and am looking forward to having a fun little hobby for winter.  One of their more popular classes is Renaissance Festival gauntlets, but they have patterns for knife/gun/tool holsters, belts, and bags among other more elaborate stuff.

Tandy Leather is 10 minutes from my house and very friendly.  They had a shop in Arvada, but I never considered popping in. 

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