Monday, August 21, 2023

Octane Overload - October 21, 2023

This would be a good event, but we are currently scheduled to be out of town this weekend.

Tire Medley: The athlete must start hands on the tires, on the judge's command, the athlete must flip the first tire 2x. Then the athlete must run back to 2nd tire, and flip it 2x. The athlete must then run to the 3rd tire and flip it 2x. At the end of the 2nd flip on the third tire athletes time is stopped. The score is based on time or # of flips.

Truck Pull Arm over Arm: Athletes will start with rope in their hands and sit in the tire. At the judge's "go," the athlete will pull a vehicle with a rope by hand for 50 feet as fast as possible for 60 seconds.

Car Deadlift: Athletes will be allowed to strap into the implement. On the judge's "go," the athlete will have to deadlift a car for as many reps as possible in 60 seconds. No bouncing allowed, the athlete MUST wait for the down command. 

Rising Bar Viking Press- Athletes start with hands off the implement. At the "Go,"  the athlete will then grab and press the first weight overhead and wait for a down call. The athlete will then bring the weight down (NO AIR DROPS) and the next weight will be loaded. The judge will give the command to press again. The athlete will proceed until the max weight is reached and will then rep out on the last weight until time runs out. (Ideally, we will be loading engine blocks 1 at a time if everything goes to plan.) 

God of Stones: Athlete will start over the first stone (90lbs) and on the judge's "Go," the athlete will lift the stone over the bar. Once the stone is over the bar athlete will proceed to the next stone and continue all the way down the line of stones until the athlete can no longer lift the stone, time runs out (90 seconds), OR they reach the final 380 lb stone. Scores are given on # of stones completed and total time.

The Stead School
18251 Homestead Trail
Commerce City, CO 80022
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Oct 21, 2023

Start Time
10:00 AM
Meet Director
Andrew Morrison

Price $80

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