Monday, March 13, 2023

Rogue Fitness System and Anvil Plates & Bar

Michael Garard offered the "Rogue Fitness System" along with the Anvil Bar and Plates.  The rack is being offered for $350 and the plates and bar for $195.  

Prices are fair.  45-25-15-10 plate pairs at about $1/pound plus a free bar and clips.  The Rogue rack for $350 is a great value as well.  Rogue Infinity R3 retails for $795 (plus tax and shipping).  This one also has pin safeties, two pull-up bars and the spud inc system.  Either I buy to flip or pillage the system to use as weight storage.  Or I let it go and let someone else get a good deal at $500 for a basic home gym.  I am actually leaning more and more towards the latter as I really like my Raptor Yoke and Rogue Monster Lite Squat Stands.  I am not a big fan of pin safeties.  As much as like a good deal, I might have to let this one go.

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