Monday, March 6, 2023

Rogue Deep Dish - Arnold Plates


Arnold Plates $275/pair (plus $90 shipping & taxes)
Rogue Deep Dish $180/pair
Rogue Calibrated $240/pair
Lemaster Barbell $225/pair (plus $65 shipping & taxes)
Vintage York Deep Dish $1000/pair (plus shipping)


Rogue Calibrated $303/pair

I do not think that Rogue Deep Dish Plates - Arnold Edition will be an instant classic, but I do think there are plenty of people ready to pony up $360 to have a pair of these shipped to their door.  They are Made in the USA and currently on an allocation of 1 pair per customer.  I think they are awesome and I have been wanting a pair of deep dish plates for a while.  The plates seem kind of like gold coins from the US Mint.  They will always be worth the metal weight and some premium for deep dish.  I will likely buy them, but do not think they will go up in value.

Granted, I have 10.5 pairs of 45s

Rogue Crumb Bumper
Rogue Crumb Bumper
Rep Color Bumper
Rep Color Bumper
York Milled
Schisler Deep Dish
AFA Falcons
Billard Deep Dish
Iron Grip Urethane Coated
International Canada single

I have no problem spending the money or storing the plates.  I would probably even lift with them, if I did not prefer bumpers or iron grips for nearly all of my lifting.

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