Wednesday, March 8, 2023

HiTechPlates and more secondary market goodies

I came across some interesting technique plates.  These were originally listed for $100 for (4) 10 pound plates which I thought was high side reasonable.  The price was dropped to $90 and now $80 and I had to reach out to the seller.

HiTechPlates have been around for a while and per the website Mark Rippetoe was among their first customers.  Retail through American Barbell is now $176/pair.  Shipping would be another $20.  These are PowerMax branded and obviously much older.  At any rate $2/lb for weights is not ridiculous if I want to sell them down the road.  Purchased 3/9/2023.

The seller, Amber Hale, also listed a Rage Fitness sled, which is nothing too special.  Retail from Amazon is $70.  If she has the straps for it, I might try to make a deal at $100 for everything.  Otherwise, I would be hesitant to buy the sled by itself.  Straps on Amazon are going for $30 and a waist belt would be another $15.  I would be better off just buying new.  Purchased 3/9/2023. He had straps and some clips, but the weight holder was not bolted down.  Still worth the $20.

Next, on a vintage note, Rob Ert had some York 2.5's for $10. I tried to get both pairs, but will probably only manage one.  Unfortunately, shipping will cost as much as the plates, but still a good deal for me as I have not been able to find these locally.

Finally, Jesse Rome has the Kettlebells I have been looking for.  He has 35, 53, 62, 70 and 80 at $1/pound.  I am interested in at least the 53 and probably the 70 also.  He has a mix of Rogue Fitness and Rep Fitness equipment that is well worth $1/lb to me.  The 70 and 80 look like Rogue Powder Coat which retail for $120 and $125 (tax and shipping would be another $140).  The Rep 35 and 53 are now $70 and $100 retail (free shipping).  The Onnit 62 runs $100 plus shipping.  We will see what he as available if he replies.  When I arrived, he still had the 35-53-53-70-80# kettlebells.  I opted to take a 35 & 53 for $90.  I was tempted by the Rogue 70#, but ultimately passed.  I am not strong enough to benefit from it.  Interestingly, the new kettlebells do not quite match my old Rep Fitness Kettlebell.  They have more of a matt finish and a larger diameter handle.  The 35 will still pair up nicely for 2 kettlebell movements.  I am still keeping an eye out for 10kg (22#) to 12kg (24#) to use with my E-Maxx.

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