Wednesday, March 15, 2023

Globe Dumbbells

Nicolas Goupil (Facebook Vintage Weightlifting Swap) offered the above as:

Spare unbranded globes for sale, can ship
2x 8.5 lbs -$30 - SOLD
2x 40 lbs - $160 - SOLD
1x 45 lbs - $90 - price reduced to $80 - price reduced to $45 (4/6/2023)
1x 60 lbs - $120 - price reduced to $100 - price reduced to $60 (4/6/2023)

Normally $2/pound for unbranded globe dumbbells is more than fair.  In this case, it is a premium price.  Nicolas confirmed that the heads have been welded into the handle.  This damage and repair is not uncommon but does reduce the "collectability."  

His suspicion is that they are unbranded Gagnon or Weider.  They both used the same foundry and he recalls original baby green paint used by both brands.  He claims that a foundry in Napierville produced dumbbells for Weider, Gagnon, Atlas and other long forgotten brands in the 1950s.  While I will certainly investigate the provenance more, I am still quite excited and looking forward to this acquisition.  

The weights are actually perfect for me and it is always a plus to have a pair rather than a single.  I have come to terms that the perfect weight dumbbell for me is probably between 25 and 35 pounds.  These are on the upper end of that range, but still light enough that I can bench and military press with them.

The dumbbells are located in Quebec, so shipping would be on the order of $60 via UPS and digital payment could only be accomplished with Paypal that charges a $4.99 fee for international payments.  

The big question in my mind now is display/storage.  I want to keep them in the main gym, but not sure how stable they will be on a lip rack or straddle rack.

I am really hoping I do not come across anything interesting for a little while.  I need to give my wallet and delivery drivers a break.

These are not Weider.  Per discussion with Trevor Felix in Canada, his Weider 40 pound dumbbell head has a 42 circumference.  Well above the 39 cm circumference of mine.

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