Thursday, March 2, 2023

CrossFit Open 2023 - Retrospective

I started my CrossFit journey in March of 2015 just as the Open was underway, not that I knew what it was at the time.  I enjoyed the skills and the camaraderie of everybody challenging themselves with the same movements.

2016 (Open 1) - I scaled all of the workouts as I did not have a 95# OH walking lunge, 135# squat cleans, bar muscles ups, a 225# deadlift or 95# thrusters for the volume that was expected.  I loved every minute of the Open which I completed at Old Pueblo CrossFit and MBS CrossFit

2017 (Open 2) - I Rx'd week 1, but scaled the rest, again limited by walking lunges, squat snatch, deadlift and heavy thrusters.  I did all of these at West Metro CrossFit and again had a blast.

2018 (Open 3) - I did not register for the Open, but did all of the workouts at Aspire fitness.  I had been working in the oilfield for about a year and was clinging to anything that resembled fitness.  I did all of the workouts scaled and was limited by 50# DB HC&J, 50# DB squats, 115# OHS, HSPU, and 100# Thrusters.  I completed the workouts at Aspire Fitness as well as I could around my hitch schedule.

2019 (Open 4) - I Rx'd weeks 1 and 2 before switching to scaled.  This time I was limited by the walking lunges, snatch and heavy thruster.  I did all of the workouts at CrossFit Golden and was about 4 months into a regular CrossFit training schedule.

2020 (Open 5) - First year to Rx all of the workouts, however had my fitness been better, I would have been limited by HSPU, 185# C&J, pistols and muscle ups.  Felt really good to have confidence to try them all Rx, but I did skill out on weeks 3-5 and settled for a tie break time.

2021 (Open 6) - This was the pandemic year and I again Rx'd all of the workouts.  The wall walk was introduced and I struggled with the standard, but gutted through.  The progression of PU, C2B and MU allowed me to keep moving week 3 as I did not make it to the round of muscle ups.  I did all of these workouts in the Garage Gym with Diya looking on.

2022 (Open 7) - I was back at CrossFit Golden for these and was again able to tackle them all Rx.  I had some confidence moving a 115# thruster and my double unders had improved.  I had confidence with a 225# deadlift.  Great open for me.

2023 (Open 8) - I was again pleased with the programming and did all of these in my Garage Gym with Nisha looking on.  I was again limited by fitness and did not reach the stopper movements of muscle ups, HSPU or heavy snatches.

I have made strides with some CrossFit specific skills including double unders and thrusters.  I move well with burpees and have truly learned pacing for a given outing.  I can do pull-ups and kipping chest to bar pull-ups.  I can warm up myself and know my limits.  

A few movements still elude me.  I have yet to do a muscle up.  In my lifetime, I have only done 1 HSPU.  My Olympic lifts certainly leave something to be desired.

I believe 100% in the CrossFit methodology.  I have staved off aging as best as I expect.  I have kept my health indicators (blood pressure, A1C, cholesterol) in the borderline range rather than starting medications.  I transitioned to oilfield work due to the General Physical Preparedness nature of CrossFit.  I was still able to pack and partially move our household items.  I have had the good fortune of trying kayaking, Highland Games, Ninja Warrior course and a grip competition.  

Final Standings 3/11/2023 - 130,307 (men); 5700 (men 50-54); CrossFit Golden (19/19)

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