Friday, March 24, 2023

Bergen Shopping Addiction Scale (BSAS)

I took the shopping addiction scale and scored a 3/7 (0-3 is not indicative of an addiction).

The prompt was my online churning through Facebook Marketplace and Craigslist during any free time I find myself with.

Net spending by year:
2021 - $2,557
2021 - $1,786
2022 - $3,226 (+$2,695 vintage)
2023 - $1,127 (+$645 vintage)

The dollars themselves are not as alarming as the escalation.  It kind of feels like the national debt.  It was minimal for a period of time and then a blip in 2016 when I left organized CrossFit and built out a gym at home.  Then in 2020 I invested significantly with the pandemic moving me to a dedicated home gym.

2022 was a brutal year with a new home and plenty of room for new items:
General - Plates, dumbbells, squat stand, collars, specialty barbells, incline bench
CrossFit - First Place Plyo Boxes, wall ball, slam ball
Strongman - Farmer's Carry handles
Misc - Crossover Symmetry, DC Block, Bosu Ball, grip implements
Storage - Wall mount plate holders, weight trees, dumbbell racks, barbell holder

2023 has been just as bad considering we are only 3 months in:
General - flooring, plates
CrossFit - kettlebells
Strongman - 
Misc - OKE Bar, Fitness sled, Reverse Hyper
Storage - Mass Storage System

The only saving grace would be no CrossFit membership in 2023 (savings of $180/month = $540)

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