Wednesday, January 17, 2024

Zuver's Hall of Fame

Much has been written about Zuver's Hall of Fame Gym in Costa Mesa, California.  Bob Zuver built the facility stone by stone with the help of his son.  His vision was a "Disneyland" of strength where everything was bigger.  He certainly delivered and the Zuver name will echo through history.

Bob Zuver passed away in 2008.  The gym is no more.

The Original 18' Zuverman is now in Darlington, PA in front of the Brickyard Gym.  Other epic pieces of equipment are coveted to have a connection with the gym and the legendary lifters of the day who graced the halls.

Bob Zuver was an ordained minister and a Navy Frogman.

My motivation for this post is the recent availability of memorabilia and weights that are being offered by Robert Zuver.  He is accepting offers for 100s and those are well outside of my price range.  He was kind enough to respond to my Facebook Message and even offered some other cool items.

The decals are $85 for singles and $160 for the set.  The poster is $175.  

The plates are not fixed price but instead he is taking offers.  Price aside, the steward for the plates should be "Extremely Passionate About the History of Vintage Oldschool Iron.  They will need to keep my Fathers Legacy alive and share their Story to future newcomers."

Robert certainly seems like a friendly guy and I wish him all the best in the quiet life he has established for himself.

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