Friday, January 12, 2024

USAWA Plans for 2024

  • Q2-Q4 postal events 
  • [$25 membership]
  • Q1-Q4 postal events
  • National Championship
  • Colorado Records Day
  • IAWA world postal
  • Took written test and two video practical tests towards officials certification 
  • Started helping with Records Management
  • Joined Advisory Committee
  • [$25 membership; $40 National Championship; $500 travel to Columbia, MO]
  • TBD - planning 
  • Q1-Q4 postal event
  • National Championship
  • Grip Championship at Dino Gym
  • Host Colorado Spring Fling and possibly a fall event
  • Buffville will have to wait until 2025
  • Finish practical certification
  • Establish High Country Vigour and start hosting events
  • Get Nisha and Diya involved 
  • [$25 membership, $30 club membership, $30 Spring Fling sanction, National Championship + travel, Grip Championship + travel, fall competition?]
Long term vision to be involved in USAWA for at least 5 years, establish club to compete in hybrid meets, postal meets and Colorado events, take a leadership role with USAWA and try to visit Frank's, Clark's, Dino Gym, Buffville, Habecker's Gym, KC Strongman, I.A.W.A. (UK), All-Round Weightlifting Australia, support new clubs and competitors.

USAWA has recently had around 100 members primarily in and around Kansas City, Walpole, Mass. and Lebanon, PA.  There has recently been a nice uptick in Kentucky and Tennessee.  Colorado has had several athletes over the years including Rex, RJ, Dan W, Jarrod, Kim V, and Crystal.  There have been a few record days held out here.  While I am not the best individual to grow the sport, I can at least serve as a foothold for interested athletes.

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