Wednesday, January 31, 2024

2024 USAWA Grip Championships Plan

I am still planning on heading to Abilene the the 2024 Grip Championships hosted by Al's Dino Gym.  As an homage to Al's uniform opinions, I went ahead and ordered a singlet.


The events include:

Pinch Grip Strict - 70, 80, 80 [50 yo, 90/95kg open/open; ALL 160/170]
Vertical Bar - 75, 85, 100, 110 [50 yo, 90/95kg open/open, ALL 182/225]
Deadlift Fingers, Index - 45, 75, 80, 90 [50 yo, 90/95kg 185/135]
Deadlift, Fulton - 127, 157, 197, 217 [50 yo, 90/95kg 390/open]
Rim Lift - 107, 157, 187, 207 (still had some in the tank) [50 yo, 90/95kg open/open, ALL open/125]

As there are no existing records, I should be able to set some in the Pinch Grip, V Bar and Rim Lift.  At 95kg I would set a mark in the Deadlift, Fulton.  The Deadlift Fingers, Index is out of reach.


If Al includes a records session, I would like to try the following lifts due to having the right equipment at Dino Gym and the fact that they are relatively light to load.

Roman Chair Sit-up (45)
Bench Press Roman Chair (50)
Abdominal Raise on Roman Chair (40)
Back Extension (50)
Deadlift 3 Inch Bar
Dumbbell Walk
Saxon Snatch


I would like to officiate to get a practical training session in working towards Official Certification


Finally, I want to measure and take pictures of his Equipment including

Hip Belt
Neck Harness
Harness Lift Harness
Travis Lift Attachment
Hand Rails
Back Lift
Foot Press
Roman Chair
Rim Lift Bar - note span collar to collar
Saxon Plank design


Packing List

Wrist wraps
Mouth Guard
CrossFit TR Lite
First Aid
Lip Balm
Hoody - Remove before lifts
Phone Tripod, remote and extra battery

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