Monday, January 15, 2024

"Roman Chair"

While trying to build out a USAWA competition gym, I came across a reasonably priced Roman Chair that I can hopefully modify to be USAWA compliant.

I like Tuff Stuff equipment, but this is certainly from their economy line and not their commercial line.  

It has a very adjustable foot pad that will work for Abdominal Raise - On Roman Chair, Bench Press Roman Chair, Roman Chair Sit-up and Back Extension.

The only modification required is the seat must be parallel to the ground instead of the current 15 degree angle.  

Square Post 1.772" square
0.4" Bolt hole 2.5" from bottom of tube
Bottom of tube to base of pad ~ 6"
0.11 thick = 11 gauge

I have a few options.  
  • Have a machinist/welder cut the post, clean up and reweld at 90 degrees.  
  • Have a new post and plate fabricated
  • Train at 15 degree angle and compete on parallel bench

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