Thursday, January 4, 2024

London Workouts

Saturday, December 30th

Bench Press


Alt DB biceps Curls

20-20-16 reps at 10kg

Sunday, December 31st

Clean Complex

High Hang + Hand + Floor

Build to heavy with a few sets at 60kg



DB squats (10kg DB)

Finished round of 9 at 12:37

Monday, January 1st




5 Rounds of
15 calorie row
8 box jumps (24 inches)

Finished in 11:55

Quick ab work

Tuesday, January 2nd

Bench Press

3x12x45kg (only 10 reps on the third set)

Chest cable crossovers

Triceps push downs


The Union Jack Club offers free passes to the gym group in Waterloo.  The gym is a pretty standard 24-7-365 operation where you have to code in and there is minimal staff.  They have mostly Matrix and Origin equipment with some Concept 2 rowers and ski erg.  There are (2) squat racks that are suitable for Olympic lifting.  There are plenty of plate loaded machines, selectorized cable stations and free weights with dumbbells going to 45 kg.  There are small conditioning areas upstairs with lighter dumbbells and functional fitness equipment including plyoboxes, kettlebells and sandbags.  They also have a heavy bag.  It was not crowded.  They have some lockers for your stuff and in the future, I intend to travel with a gym lock.  It felt safe, but why take a chance.

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