Saturday, January 13, 2024

Intek Urethane

I could not help but pop into my local Play It Again Sports and happened upon Intek Armor Series Urethan Olympic Plates.  At $1/pound I bought the pair of 45's and 25's, but left behind the stray 45.

Intek lists these for 

2.5 - $12.50
5 - $24.50
10 - $49
25 - $119
35 - $159
45 - $199
100 - $419

These pair well the (6) 10's I picked up a little over a year ago and I am actually quite pleased to have 200 pounds in Intek plates.  I do not see myself paying retail to fill out the set with a pair of 2.5's and 5's.  I have no interest in the 35's or 100's, but would purchase any and all at $1/pound.

These are actually more comfortable than Iron Grip and have the benefit of being round so they work for deadlifts.

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