Tuesday, January 30, 2024

Hip Belt and Neck Harness

Hip Belt design

Dave DeForest was kind enough to send measurement and pictures of the hip belts they use.  Leather is 3 inches wide x 55 inches long, folded over for a 45 inch belt length.  3.5 inch D-rings.  34 inches of chain.  Slip hook secured with  a clevis pin shackle.  

The length will drive a custom fabrication.  I may go ahead and order some D-rings to use for Hip Belt and Neck Harness and then work with Tandy Leather on strips or full hide and fabrication.  Chain, grab hook and quick link can wait.
  • 3 inch by 55 inch leather - $30
  • D-rings - $10 (Jim's Leather Supplies Etsy Shop has 3" 5 for $22, Lodi Metals has 4" Delta Rings for $4.30/each)
  • 5/16" chain - $15 (Lowes) 3 feet x $5/foot
  • 5/16" grab hook - $10 (Lowes) 1 x $10 each
  • 5/16" quick link - $20 (Lowes) 2 x $10 each
James Fuller assembled with 4 inch baler belt ($25 at TSC), carriage bolts and D-rings.

Al Myers assembled from Tow Strap.

Neck Harness Design

More confusing.  Start with D-ring and secure 2 inch strap?  Halo at top?  Length?  

Fortunately, this is a much lower priority for me, but good reminder to purchase extra D-rings and rigging items.

Considering the potential length, tow strap seems like a more reasonable material for this.  Buy a 20' roll, speedy stitcher and heavy waxed twine.

James Fuller sent me a video with his design fabricated from baler belt, D-rings and carriage bolts.

Pictures are from Neck Harness designed and fabricated by Dave DeForest.  It is made of leather that has been fastened with snap rivets.  There are small 2" delta rings that are attached by quick links to a short length of chain to a large delta ring that is ultimately connected to a shackle.

  1. Order speedy stitcher first.  Use to repair/reinforce wrist wraps and have on hand for tow strap connection. ($25)
  2. Order (5) Lodi D-rings, (2) for hip belt, (1) for neck belt, (2) spares in case I switch to leather or baler belt ($30)
  3. Get Tow Strap from Harbor Freight ($20) and assemble hip belt (after Dino Championship)
  4. Order Heavy Lift Bar and Hand & Thigh Bar from Arm Assassin ($210)
  5. Get chain, quick links and grab hook from Lowes ($30)
  6. Test Neck harness designs with two inch tow strap (Harbor Freight, $20) and 2 inch D rings (Online, $20)
  7. Move to leather if required
  8. Move to baler belt if required

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