Wednesday, January 31, 2024

Larry Scott Preacher Bench

Imagine my surprise when I find that this has been for sale on Craigslist in Arvada for a week.  Looks to be in great shape and hopefully I hear back from the seller, Kevin Thomas who posted it on Facebook yesterday for $150.

I got turned on to these based on a post from Forgotten Fitness who did a 27 hour round trip to pick up a similar bench in Fort Collins.  Not sure why Colorado turned into a hotbed for these.

He also has a ComMax Sissy Squat Bench ($50) and 15-15-10-10 dumbbells for $40.  Take everything for $200.

  • Leverage Leg Press - $2497
  • Lower Abdominal Bench - $297
  • Olympic 4 in 1 bench - $797
  • Olympic Bench - $497
  • Olympic Decline Bench - $677
  • Olympic Incline Bench - $597
  • Plate Loaded 4-Way Neck Developer - $497
  • Plate Loaded Leg Curl & Extension - $760
  • Quad-Ham Roaster - $599
  • Scott Preacher Bench - $997
  • Seated Calf Machine - $477
  • Spider Bench - $497
  • Twin Pedestal Bench - $297
UPDATE 2/1/2024:  It turns out the seller also had it on Craigslist and the contact included an email alias and a phone number.   I called, left a message and got a call back within minutes (my Facebook message and e-mail were never responded to).  We made a plan to meet in the morning.  Kevin was a nice guy who has been lifting the last 50 years and it shows.  He was rearranging his home gym to accommodate a leverage squat machine and was parting with a few items.

He purchased the preacher curl bench from a guy in Erie, CO about 1.5 years ago.  The Sissy Squat apparatus was a more recent purchase.  I did not ask about the dumbbells.

The Preacher Curl bench was as described without any tears or damage.  It was missing the pin and Kevin had been setting it with an Allen key.  Still well worth asking.

I would need a 3/8" x 2.5" grip length pin.  ($5-$10 on Amazon)

I did pay $200 for everything which works out to:

Dumbbells - $30 (50 cents/pound)
Sissy Squat - $40
Preacher Curl - $130

In my head, I am planning to sell the dumbbells for $40 to recoup some funds.  I do want to train with the sissy squat for some time and then keep or sell for $40-$50.

UPDATE: 2/2/2024:  I listed the dumbbells ($40), sissy squat ($40) and a 50 pound dead ball ($40) that I had.  I had (9) inquiries on the Sissy Squat and it sold within hours of listing.  I have had some interest in the dumbbells, but no interest in the dead ball.

UPDATE: 2/3/2024:  The dumbbells sold today for the asking price of $40 after (10) inquiries and (3) seemingly serious buyers.  I need to start putting first come, first serve on my listings.  Nobody seemed too bent out of shape.

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