Monday, January 22, 2024

Reeves Deadlift vs Rim Lift

Al Myers did a nice write up on the difference between the Reeves Deadlift and the Rim Lift.  I had been training for the Rim Lift without realizing that I could use a shorter barbell.

A standard Olympic barbell is required to have collar spacing between 51 inches and 58 inches for USAWA lifts.  51 inches will be much easier for the Reeves Deadlift.

With the upcoming grip championships, I thought I have been training the Rim Lift, but using a standard Olympic barbell which is infinitely harder.  This does not play out on the records grid as the Rim Lift was first contested in 2022, while the Reeves Deadlift has records still standing from 2001.

If I think of my preferred shoulder width deadlift grip, it is on the order of 25 inches.  In a perfect world, I would just have a special bar made with 25 inch spacing between the collars.  When I tested how I would typically pick up 2 plates my width was 18 inches.

The other variable is plate diameter.  The images show the lift being contested with 25-35 pound plates and then full 18" plates on the outside.  I suppose I could try the lift with a variety of plates.  Unfortunately I do not have a plethora of plates at my disposal.

For development purposes an axle bar with adjustable inside collar spacing to accommodate different athletes and lifting styles  I could then play with technique for Deadlift, Hack Lift or Jefferson Lift.  In all likelihood, my Deadlift will be the strongest.  

Considering purchasing something.  It would be a one off as I would not really use it for anything else.

Nemesis Grips - Overall 60" 2x8" loadable sleeve $122
Arm Assassin - Overall 60" between sleeves 36" (gripping surface) $80

Custom with 24" gripping surface and 8" loading sleeves or 50" total length.  I am guessing Arm Assassin would build me one of those for $80 as well.

I really need to learn to weld and cut metal.  This would all be so much easier.

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