Friday, January 19, 2024

Rogue Monster Lite Half Rack Conversion

I just looked into a half rack conversion and the price is reasonable at $280 until you consider shipping at $82.26 and tax at $27.45 with drives the price to $391.

By comparison, Luke Grant has a has a half rack for sale for $650/$700 in Littleton.  The half rack direct from Rogue runs $765 plus another $75 in shipping and $63.31 for tax = $903.

One of my primary motivations is plate storage which is becoming a problem.  With a half rack I could conveniently store plates.

As of 47 minutes ago, he listed the parts separately.  $260 for the half rack conversion and $450 for the squat rack.  $260 represents 93% of retail, but I am saving a ton of money on shipping and tax and picking up minutes from my house.  It looks like he is pricing at 66% of retail including shipping.  

I think I am going to have to go ahead and pick this up.  As much as I dislike flippers, I do have to be reasonable and let him make his money.  He has over $4000 worth of items listed on Facebook Marketplace and even if he got them for 25-50 cents on the dollar, that is still a large holding cost.

Tom Charles has had a squat stand set on Facebook Marketplace for $325 (70" uprights)

Ben Self sold a Rogue Half Rack 90" front uprights for $625 a couple of weeks ago.

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