Monday, June 22, 2020

Sharkk Fitness

I had a chance to try out Mace and Indian Clubs training at Sharkk Fitness today.  They are starting to open up again and will be starting classes.  Coach Mike was willing to provide a 45 minute private lesson at a discounted rate.

We started with some reference points.  Mike cues in a number of ways.  One of which is the head of the mace in a clock direction.  We then warmed up our scapulas, shoulders and hips.  Scapular position was really emphasized.  Finally Coach Mike explained some shoulder anatomy.

Picking up the 10# mace we started with some hand to hand transfers.  Mace should be close to the body with both hands in contact with the mace at all times.  We did some 360 swings.  The mace goes over the shoulder in the direction of the hand that is on the bottom.  We also did an archer.  Finally we worked through a 360 into a squat.

We also worked with the 10# Indian Clubs, doing swings (kind of like kettlebell swings) and then pressed out with the Indian Clubs.

Throughout all of this we talked about the training philosophy and transitional and rotational transfer of power.  The importance of grip strength in Jiu Jitsu and Muay Thai

Finally we closed with options for future training.  I am most interested in group classes.  They also have a lot of classes for kids.

The studio itself is well appointed with a bag area, strength and conditioning area, open fight training area, cage and boxing ring.  They have some lockers in the back and restrooms.

UPDATE:  They are restarting group classes

RTS Level 1 - Strength and Conditioning, Mace Kettlebell, Indian Club an Bodyweight drills

Dutch Drills - Kickboxing, technique and partner drills

Bag Class - Fitness kickboxing, mace, battleropes, plus kickboxing

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