Sunday, June 14, 2020

Crossfit Southlands Closed

Crossfit Southlands in Aurora closed and I thought it would be a great opportunity to grab some equipment at hopefully fair prices.  My plan was a pair of spring clips, 15kg barbell, pair of 45# bumpers, and a light medicine ball.

Upon arrival at 9:50, I found myself about 50th in-line and my hopes of acquiring anything was lowered significantly.  At 10:00 they made some announcements that were difficult to hear and started letting people in.  I saw bumper plates and barbells make there exits from the building.  At about 10:30, I was allowed in and went back to find a few slam balls (all 30 lb or greater) and some wooden training plates left.

I checked the prices on bumpers and they were a fair $1.50/lb.  I did not check the prices on anything else, but expect that prices were fair there also.  The rowers were being sold via silent auction.  I ended up coming home empty handed.

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