Monday, June 22, 2020

Rep Fitness - Re-opening June 22nd

Rep Fitness is re-opening for orders and they have decided to use a lobby system through Queue-It.  Hanging out in the lobby is supposed to provide a person with a random position in line to place an order.  They are only taking orders for items they have on hand.

My Rep Fitness wish list includes dumbbells, bands, bumper plates, change plates, weight tree and a barbell.  My wist list is also roughly in that order.  They do not have 35# or 50# dumbbells.  The bands I will order through Rogue on 3 Ships Free as I want a set of OSO Collars and need to fill out the order.  Although they are in stock I will hold off on change plates, weight tree and barbell.  They are not essential to continuing to train at home.  They are definitely a nice to have.

Perfect world I get (2) pairs of 45# comp bumpers and (1) pair of 25# comp bumpers for $535.  I am willing to get the 250# set of black bumpers for $339.  I am not planning on getting individual or sets of color bumpers.

The queue seemed to work fairly.  I had (4) computers going and received 4798, ~8000, ~10,000 and 20,597.  Now it is a question of what is left after 4,797 people order their sundry items.  My originally wait time was 47 minutes.

12:05 PM update:  4,212 users ahead of me, wait time is 34 minutes

12:10 PM update:  3,632 users ahead of me, wait time is 30 minutes

12:15 PM update:  2,909 users ahead of me, wait time is 29 minutes

12:20 PM update:  2,487 users ahead of me, wait time is 20 minutes

12:25 PM update:  1,944 users ahead of me, wait time is 15 minutes; AB-5000, AB-5200, AB-5100 out of stock; people are going nuts on the Facebook message board

12:30 PM update:  1,410 users ahead of me, wait time is 10 minutes; Facebook concern is how many users are truly building out a home gym and how many are purchasing for resale

12:35 PM update:  758 users ahead of me, wait time is 6 minutes; per Facebook, Deep Knurl sold out

12:40 PM update:  124 users ahead of me, wait time is 1 minute

I came up in the queue at 12:41:22 and had to wait another couple of minutes to be re-directed to the site.  The 45# comp bumpers were sold out along with the 45# black bumpers (these were in stock over the weekend).  I opted for (2) pairs of 45# color bumpers ($139/pair).  The 25# comp bumpers ($125) were in stock and I picked up those as well and checked out (additional $32.08 for tax; total was $435.08).  My order number is 10010xxxx and I will be able to pick up on Thursday!  I am pretty excited to soon be able to deadlift at greater than 80% of 1RM again.

I went to the Rep Fitness site at 3:00 PM and they are sold out of Black Bumper Plates, Color Bumper Plates, Excalibur Bars, Hex Dumbbell Sets, Iron Plates, KG Comp Plates and Rubber Grip Dumbbell Sets in addition to other items that I am not tracking.  Apparently I am 54,850 in line and 35,184 are ahead of me and the line is paused.

My need list is whittled down to 35# dumbbells.  I would still like to get a Concept 2 Rower and am on the wait list.  After that, I am left with a relatively short wish list of a better barbell and collars, resistance bands, EZ curl bar, change plate set, weight tree, silencer pads and a squat box.

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