Monday, June 1, 2020

DP Magnum Weight Bench & Plates

Taking a walk down memory lane, I thought back to the first weight set I ever had.  I believe my parents got it for me when I was in middle school or high school.  I am guessing around 1985.  That is why I snagged the image above.  It was a DP Magnum set with the butterfly pec attachments, leg extension and leg curl attachments.  I also recall having a 110# cast iron weight set with a (2) 25# (4) 10# and (4) 5# plates plus a hollow bar and dumbbell handles.  The hollow bar was quickly bent when I added additional weights which were concrete filled plastic.

Digging through my archives, I found that I had sold it out of my parent's house in January 2009 for $40.  New I am guessing it cost between $200 and $250.  I have absolutely no regrets selling everything for 20 cents on the dollars or 20 cents/pound despite current market conditions.

I never like the attachments, but it was a surprisingly stable adjustable bench.  I recall the clips had square head set screws.  The dumbbells were also quite effective and could be loaded to 30# each which was more than sufficient for me.

I just came across the actual pictures from when I listed it on Craigslist back in 1999.

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