Monday, June 1, 2020

Glute Ham Developer

I just realized that I never gave a proper introduction or farewell to my beloved GHD.  I bought this wonderful beast on August 10, 2016 responding to an ad on craigslist.  It was in Fort Collins and being used in a functional fitness gym that was moving some stuff around and did not need as many GHDs as they had.

My motivation was simple.  I intended to train primarily in globo gyms and wanted my home equipment to supplement what I could not find at those facilities which tend to be heavier in cardio and machines.

This thing was solid as a rock and certainly well worth the $400 price tag.  Unfortunately I did not use it that much.  It had a large foot print.  It seemed like I spent more time setting it up and tearing it down to store in the winter than I did using it.

I finally broke down and listed it for sale on craigslist and got back the $400 I spent on it.

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