Wednesday, June 17, 2020

DIY Home Gym Improvements - Bench Press Boards

Bench Press Boards


8 foot 2x6 - $4.87
4 feet of 2 inch wide velcro - $9.47


Circular saw
Jig saw
Orbital sander
Measuring tape

Difficulty Level - Easy

(1) cut the 2x6 to the following lengths

19 inch
15 inch
15 inch
15 inch

(2) cut out a 4" handle on the 19" board

(3) sand the edges

(4) pick the nicest pieces/sides for the ends

(5) mark the velcro locations

(6) cut velcro in 10 inch sections and adhere the velcro to the appropriate sides

This was good enough to make a Four Board Press that can be reduced to a One Board, Two Board or Three Board.

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