Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Equipment Shortages

Strength and Conditioning equipment continues to be in short supply.  

Rogue Fitness has had equipment trickle in and quickly fly off the shelves.  I was notified of an Echo Bike, but decided to pass.  Barbells quickly go and even Bone Yard barbells which include blemishes and returns disappear quick as well.  Proud new owners seem to be pretty happy with Bone Yard bars especially when they come with esoteric customization.

Rep Fitness took orders for a while and then got completely swamped.  Equipment slowly came in.  Rep initially halted new orders from June 2 - June 10 to catch up.  They have extended that halt to June 22.

Titan Fitness has gotten beat up a little bit on social media for raising prices.  I think slight price increases are justified as shipping costs have gone up.  I am in the market for Silencer Pads.  They were $149 and if they stay close to that price, I will likely still get a set.

The secondary market is still crazy with standard plates at $1.50 to $2.00/lb and Olympic plates at $2.00 to $3.00/lb.  For those who enjoy flipping equipment, it has become quite the game and profitable as well.  

The gyms in my area have opened up with a variety of safety precautions which include reservations, lower capacity and wiping down equipment.  I am not ready to go back to Crossfit Golden, but I have considered starting a BeStrong membership at $45/month.  I am not ready for the Globo gym scene.

My home gym continues to meet my needs.  Most urgently, I would like to get some rubber hex head dumbbells.  I have done WODs with plate loaded dumbbells and it sucks.  It would be nice to be able to max out my deadlift and I will likely grab some iron weight.  Finally, Olympic Lifting with a 31 mm barbell is no fun.  I like the idea of having a 15kg bar as it is shorter also.  I will get these few items from Rep when available.  

The other items on my wish list are just nice to have items like a Matt Chan barbell, more weight (bumpers and/or iron) and a pair of spring collars.  I want the barbell from Rogue and will hopefully find a shipping deal or develop the willpower to wait until Black Friday and then go nuts.  With unlimited resources, I would just get all Competition Bumpers and get (2) 45# pair, (2) 25# pair, and a set of change plates.  215+215+125+150 = $705.  In reality the Rep Fitness 250# Black Bumper Plate Set would better suit my needs at $339.  I would keep my Hi Temps to use outdoors and due to needing 10# pair and 15# pair due to current strength limitations.

Deciding on cardio equipment has been mentally fatiguing.  If I had double the gym size and had $3,000 to blow I would just get the Rogue Echo Bike, Concept 2 Rower and Concept 2 Ski Erg.  I will only get one item, but the pros & cons are daunting.  I think I have eliminated the Rogue Echo Bike due to footprint and weight.  Deciding on a Concept 2, I am most comfortable with the rower and know that they are easy to resell.  

In summary:
Buy ASAP - Rep Fitness 35# DB, 50# DB and 35# equalizer plates - $83+$119+$100 = $302
Buy with shipping deal - Matt Chan Barbell - $395 plus shipping
Buy if still training at home in winter - Concept 2 Rower - $900 plus shipping
Buy when resources warrant - Rep Fitness 250# black bumper set - $339

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