Saturday, June 20, 2020

35 Pound Dumbbells

After patiently and desperately waiting for the past 3 months to get a decent set of hex head dumbbells, I now find (2) sets on Facebook Marketplace.

The pair above (not sure of the brand) is right down the street, listed last night for $140 and reduced to $130 this morning.  I think I would be willing to pay $100.

Another set was listed at 0730 on 6/20/2020 for $130.  This set is from CAP.  Certainly not known for quality.

As a benchmark, the pair I want can be purchased from Rep Fitness for $83 and $86 from Rogue Fitness. Neither company has them in stock.

I will continue to make due with my standard dumbbell handles until the come in stock.

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