Wednesday, June 10, 2020


I finally got a tire to flip.  I had hemmed and hawed on this for a while.  I like flipping tires and strongman in general, but did I real want a 300# hunk of rubber against the side of the house to train with 15 times per year for a grand total of maybe 4 hours annually.  Short answer yes.

I got to the tire yard with another functional fitness enthusiast and the first tire I tried was way to heavy.  I flipped it, but it had to weigh over 400#.  This one felt pretty good and is probably on the order of 250#.

It felt as good at home as it did at the tire yard.  I will probably give it a bit of a scrub down and drill some holes to prevent water from accumulating in it.

UPDATE:  5/11/2021.  I used this a lot less than I planned on and ended up parting with it on Facebook Marketplace.

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