Monday, June 8, 2020


I am re-branding this blog as  I started the blog to separate the content from my main blog which focused on lifestyle, travel and multisport racing.  All of my training was tracked in Beginner Triathlete.  When I became active in the micro-gym scene, I chose to separate that content and this blog was born.

Crossfit CEO Greg Glassman made an insensitive tweet on June 6 in response to the statement from the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation that "Racism is a Public Health Issue." The following silence from Crossfit Headquarters shook the Crossfit community.  Reebok quickly broke ties and other partners and high profile athletes quickly followed suit.  .Breaking ties for me is much easier than it is for local boxes.  As of June 8, 2020 Crossfit Undeniable is planning to make a formal statement, Crossfit Golden is taking a wait and see approach and West Metro Crossfit without hesitation is re-branding to West Metro Strength and Conditioning.  Rogue and Romwod released statements.  

From my position of privilege, I have struggled to find my voice to loudly proclaim that Black Lives Matter.  Time will show that I am on the wrong side of history.  When my kids ask if I joined the protests in 2020, I will have to reply that I stayed home and watched television.  Words matter, silence matters, Black Lives Matter.

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