Tuesday, December 22, 2020

REP Fitness Sport Plates

REP Fitness is offering sport plates.  Based on the description, they sound like low bounce, quiet, extremely durable bumper plates.  They even tag them as easier to hold due to textured surface.  Width wise they look pretty good 

10# - 1" (same as black bumper, hi temp is 1.375")
15# - 1.2" (black bumper is 1.25", hi temp is 1.875")
25# - 1.8" (black bumper is 1.75", comp is 1.375", hi temp is 2.25")
35# - 2.4" (same as black bumper, comp is 1.6", hi temp is 3.125")
45# - 2.8" (black bumper is 2.83", comp is 2.125", hi temp is 3.75")
55# - 3.2"  (comp is 2.6")

If I were starting a gym from scratch, I would probably get a set of these plates.  I am losing interest in hi temp bumpers due to the bounce, but I really do like the surface texture.  I like the dead bounce of Rogue HG and REP black/color bumpers and feel like those are reasonably priced.  I agree they could be slippery, but I have never had an issue.  Calibrated/Competition plates are overkill for me.

A set that would meet my needs:
(6) 45# = $477
(2) 25# = $99
(2) 15# = $79
(2) 10# = $69

I would like a set of REP Change Plates (10, 5, 2.5, 1.25#) for another $150.

I have also been considering REP V2 Rubber Coated Olympic Plates (these were in stock, but I hesitated)
(2) 10# = $36
(4) 5# = $36
(2) 2.5# = $9

I was having a tough time convincing myself to get REP Urethane Coated Equalizers (these have not been in stock)
(2) 10# = $50
(4) 5# = $50
(2) 2.5# = $15

My wish listed has been whittled down to REP Modular Storage System, Lb Change Plate Set, 20kg barbell, 15 kg barbell, OSO Collars, Assault Air Bike, 20# Slam Ball and 35# DB pair.  I could get the REP 15kg Saber barbell for $179 and the slam ball for another $24, as they are both in stock at REP.  

I was interested in the Rogue Bella Bar in E-coat or Black Zinc.  For the extra $50, I could expect much better resale.  I want a 15kg for Olympic Weightlifting, primarily for the 25 mm diameter, but also as a lighter bar for Overhead Squats, etc.

Regarding 20kg bars, I had my heart set on a Matt Chan for $395 (28.5 mm, passive center knurl, dual marking).  I also considered the Rep Excalibur Bar $299 (28.5 mm, available with center knurl, dual marking).  Finally, the Fringe Sport Hybrid Bar is really highly rated at $420 plus free shipping (28.5 mm, center knurl, dual marking).  Any of them would be great and a huge step up from my Rogue Beater Bar.

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