Tuesday, December 1, 2020

Black Friday Madness

The Black Friday sales were on in full force, to the point I felt compelled to write about the things I did not buy.

2 Pood Belt - $45 (normally $60) - size L
5.11 Plate Carrier - $149.99 plus free shipping (normally $199.99)
Crossover Symmetry - 25% off (normally $195) for Home Set Up with Red and Purple Bands
Jump-N-Rope - BOGO
Polar Ignite - $160 plus free shipping (normally $230)
Rockguard Shin Protector - $18 (normally $30) - size Medium (Simpsons Fitness Supply)

I decided to go in alphabetical order, but am still feeling pretty good about saving myself $543 and I have got a good list of items I may buy down the road.

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