Sunday, April 2, 2023

"Vintage" BFCO Dumbbells

Picture 1 is from Facebook Marketplace (Kyle Ryan (11/17/2022).  Listed at a very reasonable $125 for $146 pounds of dumbbells.

Picture 2 is from Facebook Marketplace (Keeno Munoz post on 4/1/2023).  Listed at a very reasonable $120 for 130 pounds of dumbbells.  I recognized them, but the paint job did throw me.

When it was first listed and sold within days, I was kicking myself for not grabbing these sooner.  When relisted, I had a chance to purchase, but fortunately did some digging on Vintage Weights & Physical Culture Facebook group and come to find out that BFCO buns with the inset marking were made overseas and the raised letters were Made in USA.

This was an important distinction as I was buying primarily for a trade pile to pick up other vintage items.

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